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Advertising Concepts

(Only Available In Branding Package)
  • For conferences, startups, professionals, corporate enterprises, & SME's.

  • Photography/Stock Image: Advertising & Branding.

  • Useful for branding promotion.

  • Advertising Photography/Stock Images.

  • Planning of shoot, wardrobe, looks, location, ideas.

  • Backdrops.

  • Full License Rights.

Product Branding

(Only Available In Branding Package)
  • For startups, professionals, corporate Enterprises, & SME's.

  • Photography/Stock Image: Jewellery, Food, Merchandise, etc.

  • Useful for branding promotion.

  • Product Photography/Stock Images.

  • Backdrops.

  • Full License Rights.

Advertising Concepts

In advertising concepts, the ethic is that the promise made in the advertisement must be genuine and the advertiser must be intending to fulfill it in good faith.  Advertising concepts employs the widest possible range of techniques, typically involving careful set-up of the shots, the hiring of models, exceptional attention to detail of props, especially the product itself, a large number of image captures, as a form of insurance, and also to give the layout artist a choice of variations, and very extensive post-processing, often involving photo-montage and various types of image manipulation. Except where celebrities are involved, or members of staff or the public are being presented as celebrities, the agreement is that the models, scene and all other elements of the image are purely imaginary, and not representative of real life.


Terms and Conditions:-


  • Confirmation of order by form filling and booking amount will proceed the further work.

  • Payments are accepted via cheque, bank transfer, online transfer (NEFT) and Draft.

  • You will be sent an invoice.  

  • A non-refundable deposit is required before we begin a project.

  • Logo Design/Brand Name purchase extra, if not purchased then needed to be provided by the client. 

  • We only provide you digital marketing, website branding, and editorial branding files design soft copy. jpeg remaining branding and marketing/print material are provided with an end product on demand and quantity basis. 

  • If a project is canceled or postponed, all monies paid are kept by brandbanaa and you can use that money in future project work.

  • GST will charge extra as applicable to all price package.


Time Schedule:-


Developing time: Concepts developing minimum time 1 week. 
Delivery time: The approved concept is delivered in 24-72 hours*. ( * weekdays ).

Response time: Within 24 hours.

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